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by: HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team

[Heads Up] We’re Removing the Public Contact Record From Form Submission Notification Emails

 What is it?
On September 17, form submission notification emails will no longer include a link to a public contact record. Recipients will now need to be a HubSpot user in order to view the contact record from these emails.

Why Does it Matter?
We take the security of not only your data, but your customer’s data very seriously. This extends to the data that is sent into inboxes every day through form submission notification emails. As it stands today, anyone who receives these email notifications can view contact record information through a link to a public contact record. In an effort to protect your customer’s data and increase security on our platform, we’ll now require that recipients be HubSpot users in order to view contact record information within HubSpot.

How Does it Work?
Starting on September 17, clicking the link to the contact record within a form submission notification email will require recipients to login to HubSpot. If you are currently sending form submission notification emails to anyone that is not a HubSpot user, you should create a user for them within your portal.


Who Gets it?
On September 17, this update will go into effect for all users of HubSpot’s forms tool, from users of our free marketing tools, to Marketing Hub Enterprise users.

What language is it in?
All languages supported by HubSpot