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by: HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team

[Heads Up] Increasing the Reliability and Accuracy of your Ads Reporting

What is it?

We’re setting a more specific definition for how ads are attributed to contacts within HubSpot. In the short term, this will increase the reliability and accuracy of your ads reporting in HubSpot. In the future, this update sets us up to provide you with multiple views of attribution.

Why does it matter?
We’ve heard from you that our prior approach to attribution did not always provide the clear results you expected. In the prior system, there were situations where ads were credited for a conversion when a website visitor clicked on an ad, didn’t interact with your content for quite some time, and then filled out a form later on after revisiting the site through another source, like organic search.

In the short term, today’s update gives greater reliability and accuracy to your reporting by creating a more specific definition for how an ad is attributed to a contact. Down the road, we’ll be able to expand our definition of attribution to include ads that have influenced a contact during different stages of their journey to becoming a customer. This is just the first step towards giving you a more clear understanding of the success of your ads across the entire lifecycle of your contacts.

How does it work?
To align the ads dashboard with this new definition of attribution, we’ll be changing the “Leads” column on the ads dashboard to “New Contacts.” The “New Contact” column in the HubSpot will now reflect “last touch” attribution: an ad will be attributed to a new contact if it was the source of the web session in which that contact first converted on a form. You’ll still get a sense of how successful your ads are at driving “first touch” interactions (an ad campaign and/or search term is the source of the contact’s first web session) by going to traffic analytics.


Additionally, the ‘isConversion’ contact property for Facebook, Google Adwords, and LinkedIn Ads will no longer reflect the new analytics numbers. As a result, this property will no longer be updated for new conversions, but historical data will remain consistent. You will still be able to create static lists from within the ads tool, or an active list of customers who have interacted with an ad campaign within the lists tool, and can further filter this list by whether or not the contact filled out a specific form to get similar information as you would have with the ‘isConversion’ contact property.

For more information on how we are now attributing ads to contacts, feel free to refer to this knowledge doc.

Next steps…
Now that we have set a clear definition for how ads are attributed, we have set a strong foundation to build upon. In the future, we will be able to expand our definition of attribution so you can report on your ads’ success across your customers’ entire lifecycle.

Who gets it?
This will be live to all users of HubSpot’s ads tools on April 11.

What language is it available in?
All languages supported by HubSpot