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by: HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team

Get More Traffic with Less Content using HubSpot Content Strategy

The way we search has changed. Just a few years ago, it would have been common to search for a an email template to send by looking for "follow-up email". But today, we search the way we talk.

We utilize voice search, and our queries are longer, and more conversational than ever. That same search from above today may look something like, "What's the best example of a follow-up email after a sales call?" But, you and I may have different dialect or ways of saying the same thing. As marketers -- we want to capture all that potential organic traffic, regardless of the thousands of variations that people use.

While this has been happening, search technology has vastly improved as well. Google has come to understand Natural Language Processing (NLP), and can understand the intent of a search -- so much so that they will potentially rank a page that doesn't contain a keyword or phrase. 

Content Strategy was born from this shift in search technology, and searcher behavior, and helps craft a strategy that both humans and search engines will love. 

There are 4 main aspects that Content Strategy helps with:

Discover what to write about. From the moment you access Content Strategy for the first time you'll recieve suggestions on what core topics to write about, and blog posts you can create a subtopics.

Content-Strategy-Topic-2.pngGet topic and sub-topic recommendations on the left-hand side.

Easily Create content with free templates built and supported by HubSpot for pillar pages and tie it all together with HubSpot Marketing.

Pillar-Page-Templates.pngHead to the HubSpot Marketplace and get templates that guide you through creating a pillar page.

Optimize content, and your information architecture so humans can easily find what their looking for and search crawlers will reward you for all the content you've created.

Content-Strategy-Optimization.pngGet advice on how to optimize content, and your topic cluster, for growing your organic traffic.

Report on the leads and customers you are generating from each topic cluster, and compare performance between clusters to see which work, and others that don't.

Content-Strategy-Analytics-4.pngSee the impact of your topic clusters and compare performance between them. Note: this report is only available to Marketing Professional & Enteprise customers. All Marketing customers have access to the Content Strategy dashboard that also provides reporting.

For more information about how to use Content Strategy, read the essential guide to creating effective content on the Customer Blog.