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by: HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team

Future Date Property Criteria in List Segmentation

Inbound is all about getting the right message in front of the right people at the right time. A key component of that: understanding which of your contacts have important dates coming up relating to your company’s offerings. Which contacts have trial expirations around the corner? Who’s renewing in the next month? Which travelers leave on their trip in the next week? Which home-buyers have a move-in date in the next few days?

With today’s update, you can segment your contacts based on date properties that fall in the future, enabling you to plan your marketing and sales strategy for any scenario that might occur. In other words, you can now use this in your list logic: “Date Property XX is (or is not) in the next YY days.”

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Not sure how you'd use this new feature? Here are a few sample use cases to get you started:

  • Workflow suppression or branching logic. Create a list of contacts whose renewal date is in the next week, and send them down a different workflow branch based on that list membership (or suppress them from receiving emails altogether)
  • Smart content. Create a list of contacts whose trial is expiring in the next seven days. Show them a reminder banner when they visit your website.
  • Lead Scoring. Award additional points if a lead’s contract with your competitor is ending in less than a month.
  • Social monitoring. Collect contacts whose high school or college graduation date is less than a year from now, and create a social monitoring stream to track their Tweets over time.

How it works

Create a list by navigating to Contacts > Lists > Create New List (or edit an existing one). Add a new criteria centered around a contact property. Choose the date property you’d like to use as a filter, then either “is more than” or “is less than” a certain number of days or weeks.

In the next dropdown, you’ll find the new option --- “from now.” Previously, you could only filter based on the date property being more/less than XX days ago. 


Note: the updated date filtering option appears anywhere that the “list segmentation” interface is used --- manual lead scoring and  workflow branching, too.

The new filtering option is available to Basic, Professional, and Enterprise HubSpot Marketing portals. Check it out in your Lists tool now.