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by: HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team

Four New Social Reports for your HubSpot Dashboards

Social media plays a key role in inbound marketing success. But it's not always the easiest thing to measure. It’s critical not only to analyze your social data to gain insights for your next campaign, but also to see your social metrics in the context of your other KPI’s, to understand how your social results align with your overall marketing goals.

With today’s update, you can add your most pivotal social metrics to your HubSpot dashboards, putting your social media data side-by-side with your other key marketing metrics. Yep, you read that right. For the first time ever, you can add social data to any of your dashboards, including your Marketing Dashboard.

To do so, navigate to your Marketing Dashboard (or any of your dashboards in the Reporting Add-on). Click Add Report, then filter on the left-hand side for Social.

Social Reports-1.png

You’ll see four brand new report templates that can be added to your dashboard in a single click:

  • Social clicks.Tracks the total number of clicks on the links in your social messages, summed across channels.

  • Social clicks by channel. Shows you which specific accounts are sparking your social media success.

  • Social interactions. Aggregates the number of engagements across your social networks (see below for more details on how interactions are defined).

  • Social interactions by channel. Shows which specific accounts are driving the most engagement.

Note: A social interaction is a click-like engagement on a social network.

  • For Facebook, an interaction is considered to be a Like or a Comment.

  • For Twitter, an interaction can be a Retweet, Reply, or Like.

  • For LinkedIn, an interaction can be a Like or a Comment.

  • For Google+, an interaction is considered to be a +1 or a Comment.


The four new social reports are now available to all HubSpot Marketing basic, professional, and enterprise portals.

Head over to your Marketing Dashboard to add one now.