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February 2023 Release Notes

Featured Update of the Month

CRM Record Overview

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The overview tab is a new space on the record page that consolidates all the relevant information you need to gather context and take action in one centralized location.


HubSpot customers use the record pages to display information that's critical to their business. Until now, you’ve had to search through the left sidebar, timeline, and right sidebar to gather that information.

HubSpot’s new record overview tab enables you to quickly get up to speed on a record by displaying all the relevant details front and center. This includes a data highlight to call attention to key properties, a summary of your recent communications with that record, and association tables to easily see more information about your associated records.


For example, if a customer service member were to view a contact record - the overview tab might display recent NPS alerts and communications from the customer. However, if a sales member viewed the same contact record - the overview tab might display recent website visits and a list of historical deals associated to the contact. 


Overall, the CRM Record Overview allows teams to surface the most important data or information on the record to the relevant teams. 


*available to all hubs and tiers

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Sales Hub

Customize record create form by pipeline

We’re giving admins even more control over which properties are presented to users by enabling them to set conditional logic based on deal, ticket, or custom object pipeline. This means that admins can configure the “Create Ticket/Deal” forms so that depending on which pipeline a user selects, different properties appear as visible or required to users.

Note: This feature is not reflected in the Mobile app yet.

*available to all hubs with Pro+ plans 

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Improved Speaker Matching on Transcripts

We're introducing two updates to call transcription. With these two updates, users seeing Speaker 1 and Speaker 2 on their call transcripts will gain dramatically more visibility into who is speaking during call recordings. 


Manual Speaker Matching: Firstly, users can now easily set or change the speaker name on a transcript by selecting the correct name from a dropdown list of all the call participants. This will allow users to assign speaker names on any transcripts where HubSpot is unable to correctly identify the speaker.


Automatic Speaker Matching: Secondly, to go even further, instead of seeing Speaker 1 and Speaker 2 on two-party Zoom calls transcribed by HubSpot, users will now see the actual names of the speakers automatically matched by HubSpot AI. 

*available to Sales and Service Pro+ customers 


Append a recently logged engagement instead of logging a new one

You can now use a playbook to append a previously logged engagement instead of logging a new engagement.

*available to Sales and Service Pro+ customers


Service Hub

New service playbook templates

There are now two new playbook templates designed to support customer service use cases available in Sales and Service Hub Pro and Enterprise portals.

*available to Sales and Service Pro+ customers


“Rating” type questions in Custom Surveys now support calculating average

We are excited to announce the updated Rating type question for Custom Feedback surveys. With this change, the rating questions are now of the type “number”. This would mean that the responses for the “Rating” questions will be stored as numbers and this enables more reporting options such as calculating averages for the rating question responses across multiple surveys or for a survey over time.


  • This update applies to net new rating questions and not existing ones. All existing rating questions created prior to this change will continue to be supported but won’t have the support for calculating aggregate values such as averages.
  • Rating questions in all standard surveys such as CES, CSAT, and NPS were already of the type Number and so this change is applicable only to the Rating question type in custom surveys.

*available to Service Hub Pro+ customers


Email Log & Track Default Settings for Admins 

Super admins can now configure email logging and tracking defaults for users of the Chrome and Office 365 extensions.

*available to Sales and Service Hub customers - all tiers



Multi-language Variant Limit for CMS Free & Starter

As of February 1, 2023, CMS Free and Starter customers will be limited to creating up to 3 language variations of their pages and posts.

*only affects CMS Free and Starter customers

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VS Code Extension - UI Update

The HubSpot Visual Studio Code extension will now have a user-friendly UI. With a UI, developers can easily setup their workspace and build themes without needing to reference documentation or memorize command-line interface commands.

*available to CMS Hub customers - all tiers

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Scan website for broken external links

Description: Our Recommendations tool will now flag any pages with broken external links to be fixed. Previously, the tool only identified broken internal links.

*available to CMS and Marketing Hub Pro+ customers


3 new crawling & indexing recommendations

We are adding 3 new recommendations to the SEO tool under the “Crawling & Indexing” category. These recommendations are:

  1. Confirm the correct pages are blocked by your robots.txt file
  2. Fix broken pages
  3. Verify this page is working properly

*available to CMS and Marketing Hub Pro+ customers


Sort HubDB data by columns

You can now sort HubDB row data by columns within the table editor. 

*available to CMS Hub Pro+ and Marketing Hub Enterprise customers 


Operations Hub

Custom Code HubSpot Client Version Update

We've updated the Custom Code action's supported libraries and runtimes:

  • We've updated the HubSpot Client version to the latest version of V8 for Node and V7 for Python. You can still continue to use older versions, these will not be deprecated. However we recommend always using the latest version.
  • We've updated the rest of our supported libraries versions. A complete list of the libraries and their versions can be found here.
  • We've updated our Node.js runtime to 16x and Python runtime to 3.9 in accordance with AWS

*available to Operations Pro+ customers


Commerce Hub

Terms of Service URL & Policies for Payments

HubSpot payments users can now include a link to their terms of service, specify cancellation and refund policies, as well as optionally require that buyers agree to their terms when completing a purchase. 

*available to all hubs with Starter+ plans 

**HubSpot payments is available to U.S.-based customers using a Starter, Professional, or Enterprise edition of any hub.

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App Multi-Currencies

App partners, who have integrations listed in HubSpot’s App Marketplace, can now list their app’s pricing information in a currency besides USD. App partners can choose from nearly 200 currencies when listing their app’s pricing information in order to better serve their customers and their business needs.

*The App Marketplace is available to all HubSpot customers

**Existing app partners who would like to update their App Marketplace listing pages or new app partners who would like to list an app in the App Marketplace - click here to learn more


Multi-Hub Updates

Clone Static Lists

Previously you could only clone active lists. With this update, you can also clone static lists and make filter updates before saving them as a new list.

*available to all hubs and tiers


Restore Static Lists

You can now restore deleted static lists for up to 90 days.

*available to all hubs and tiers


Create Custom Deal Currency Property that uses Record Currency

Admins now have the option to set the currency for custom deal currency properties to match the currency of the record.

*available to all hubs and tiers


Review and Ignore Workflows at Risk on the At-risk Workflows Tab

The Workflows with errors tab has been updated to At-risk workflows. Don't worry, workflow errors aren't going away - errors are a type of risk. With At-risk workflows, users can now review, prioritize, and temporarily ignore workflow errors until they reoccur.

*available to all workflow customers 


Invoice User Permissions

Starting today, HubSpot administrators can give or remove their user's ability to read invoice information in HubSpot or create/edit invoices in HubSpot. These permissions apply to all invoice objects, whether they are created via import, API, integration (e.g. Quickbooks Integration), or manually.

Note: All existing users in portals will have both invoice read and write permissions by default to avoid disruptions to existing invoice users. 

*available to all hubs and tiers


Session Timeout for User Inactivity

From now on, you will need to log in again to your HubSpot account if you have been inactive for longer than 24 hours.

*available to all hubs and tiers


View Users Without 2FA in Security Center

Now, Security Center displays a list of users who don't have 2FA set up yet when you click "Resolve" on that Security Center criteria. From there, the admin can view the user's permissions via a deep link, or use their email address to reach out to them & help resolve the issue.

*available to all hubs and tiers


Data Model Overview Design Improvements

In December, we released the data model overview to help customers set up their CRM and build a stronger data foundation as they scale. We’ve since made some improvements to make the tool clearer and easier to navigate, including:

  1. Cardinality: Now you’ll be able to see if two objects have either a 1-to-1 or 1-to-many association (i.e, cardinality).
  2. Filters: We’ve moved the existing object filters from the sidebar to the top of the page to give you more space to interact with the data model overview and create a more consistent experience across HubSpot.
  3. Full page: We’ve improved the full-page experience to make it easier for you to zoom in and out and interact with each of the object cards.

*available to all hubs and tiers


Three Important Updates to Import

After a brief beta period, three import features that give customers more granular control over their data as they bring it into HubSpot are now live for all customers. These import features are:

  • The import mapping guide
  • Custom unique IDs for deals, tickets, and custom objects
  • Create/update only imports 

*available to all hubs and tiers


Form Dashboard on the Framework

We've updated the Forms Dashboard to be more consistent with other parts of the product. We've also made it easier to create and manage Folders, added new filters and the ability to toggle dashboard columns.

Note: while these changes add new features and improve consistency, some features have moved. You will now find the dashboard date filter on the Analyze tab.

*available to all hubs and tiers


Add Teams to Presets 

Today, it is challenging to add multiple users at a time to a preset. To provide a better experience for faster configuration, you can now select a team, or multiple teams, when configuring a preset, in addition to users.

*available to all Pro+ Presets customers 

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Improved Comment Notification Emails

Email notifications for comments have been upgraded to provide more details and context directly in the received notification emails.

*Available for all tools in Marketing Hub and CMS Hub that support commenting except CRM

**Notifications for comments in Workflows across subscription tiers will also use these improved notifications.

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Property Metadata Surfaced within the Import Flow

On the mapping step of the import flow, we will now surface metadata on the properties that you are mapping data to. This includes the property type, description, and how many records currently have a value for that property in the CRM.

*available to all hubs and tiers


Simple ‘Has/Has Not Completed’ Filters for Marketing, Media, and Custom Behavioral Events

In lists, you can now filter for records that 'have' or 'have not' completed a Marketing Event, Media Interaction or Custom Behavioral Event - using a single filter.

*available to all hubs and tiers


Restore Deleted Products

You can now restore deleted Products from the Product Library.

*available to all portals with Products - all Pro+ customers


Saved Views in Tasks

You can now create and pin saved views in the tasks app, making it easier to customize your task views to your workflow and keep you focused on what's most relevant to you and your teams.

*available to all hubs and tiers