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Faster way to set team permissions on dashboards

What is it?
A new, more intuitive way to structure permissions within your dashboards for specific users and teams. With this update, we are ensuring that parent teams can see all dashboards that are visible to their child teams.
Why does it matter?
With dashboard permissions, you can which users and teams have access to the data on each dashboard. Today, we are streamlining the process of setting up dashboard permissions to allow you to set permissions faster and give you confidence that your data is available to the right audience.
Now, parent teams will be auto-selected whenever a child team is granted access to a dashboard, so that any dashboard that a child team user can see is also visible to parent team users.
How does it work?
When assigning permissions to a dashboard, whenever a user selects a child team (East), the parent team (Biglytics Sales) is automatically selected.
Who has access?
This functionality is available for Enterprise portals.