Facebook Ads Integration - HubSpot Ads Add-On

by: HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team

What is it?
We're excited to introduce a powerful integration between Facebook Ads and HubSpot. This integration is live for all customers with the Ads Add-On. With Facebook Ads data flowing into HubSpot you'll get automatic ROI reporting, conversion tracking and the import of leads generated from Facebook Lead Ads.

Customers who have purchased the $100 Add-On, will see Facebook Ads as a new option in the setting of HubSpot Ads (in the Reports drop down). Once a user has authorized the connection HubSpot will begin to automatically report on ad conversions and track the ROI of their Facebook Ads.

Click here to view the settings of HubSpot Ads and activate the Facebook integration

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With this new addition you can now track and compare the ROI of all your digital ads across Facebook, AdWords and LinkedIn. We also recently introduced Deals ROI, a 100% accurate ROI calculation via a CRM integration.

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When you integrate Facebook Ads data with HubSpot, we’re able to surface your complete ads funnel. This means you can see exactly which Facebook Ads drove which leads and the resulting ROI of any deals generated. Automatic Facebook ROI reporting means you no longer have to paste any codes or do any math to justify the value of their spend.

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Customer will also see new leads generated from Facebook Leads Ads automatically ported into HubSpot, with coresponding ad campaign data. This will create new ad and form events, see example above.

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Currently the tool does not support the creation of Facebook Ads. Most customers create their ads in Facebook and use HubSpot Ads for ROI reporting and basic management. We'll be monitoring demand for this feature on the ideas forum. 

Live Date:

Features and Functionality:
The value of the Ads Add-On comes from our ability to show customers what happens after someone clicks on their ad. HubSpot is able to show customers the exact ROI of their investment in ads, like no other tool, because we can close the loop from ad click, to lead, to deal.

  1. Reporting - Real ROI and automatic conversion tracking for all Facebook Ads. You don’t have to create your ads in HubSpot for this to work. Currently we don’t support Facebook Ad creation.

  2. Lead Ads - Automatically imported into HubSpot with campaign event data

  3. Deals ROI - Connection with your CRM to provide 100% accurate ROI data.

No change to pricing - HubSpot Ads is a $100 Add-On available to all customers.

Why it matters:
Facebook ads have quickly become the top paid media option for marketers, even for B2B. Their ad units are simple, smart and effective for B2B, mid-market advertisers. Their targeting technology helps our customers reach the right users and get more from their inbound campaigns. Our customers still need to be strategic but they should try moving budget towards this option.

 How it works:
The Ads Add-On connects directly to a customer's Facebook account through OAuth. This allows HubSpot users to analyze and edit Facebook ads directly in their portal. Similar to other networks we then add this data to the contact timeline of any known leads.

How a marketer may use this?
Marketers should be running all of their ads through HubSpot ads to evaluate ROI across networks and campaigns. They should then use this data to make better decisions about how much and where they should spend on paid media.

Click here to view the settings or HubSpot Ads and activate the Facebook integration