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by: HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team

Expanded Text ads Now Show in HubSpot Ads

What is it: The HubSpot Ads Add-On now includes the new AdWords ad format, Expanded Text Ads in campaign reporting, creation and editing. Be aware, that when creating a new AdWords campaign - Expanded Text Ads will now be the only ad format someone can use. Why? It’s best for our customers. Old, shorter ads have a lower CTR than Expanded Text Ads and the old format is going away this year, per Google.


Why it matters:
On (7/26) Google announced Expanded Text Ads. A new format for search ads that features 50% more text for ads and is better optimized for mobile. Unsurprisingly, these ads perform much better than standard search ads. This new ad format is opt-in for now, but will become the default search ad format in October of this year.



Campaign Creation with Expanded Text Ads:
Search Ad creation in the Ads Add-On will only use this new ad format. Customers will still be able to edit existing campaigns that are not Expanded Text Ads.