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by: HubSpot Alumni
HubSpot Alumni

Exit Intent Cookie Banner in Chatflows

An additional GDPR setting in live chat enables you to display a cookie consent banner when HubSpot detects a visitor leaving the page. This is important because it allows visitors to chat without having to accept cookies first.

You can turn on the exit intent banner in the “options” tab of the chatflow builder.


When enabled, visitors can start a chat without consenting to cookies. (Our cookie consent setting used to require visitors to consent before they could chat.)

When the chat visitor starts navigating to another page, HubSpot will display a cookie consent banner to alert them that their conversation will not be accessible on the next page unless they consent to cookies. If they accept, they can continue their chat conversation as they navigate across your website.

Exit Intent Cookie Banner in Chatflows-3

You can also use country targeting in your chatflows to show cookie consent banners for specific countries. The consent language will be available in all supported languages, but can't be edited.

This update is now live in all portals.