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by: HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team

Ensure Smooth Customer Experiences with Merged Contact Setting in Workflows

Workflows are HubSpot's automation engine. When used right, automation can improve your customer experiences, enabling fast follow-up and personalized outreach. But, on the flipside, if workflows execute in the wrong way, they can create confusing moments for your customers.

One example: let's say the same contact ends up in your database twice, under different email addresses. To consolidate your data, you can merge those contact records in HubSpot. But when two contacts are merged together, the new primary contact may be immediately enrolled into new workflows on the basis of updated properties and analytics data.

This can cause contacts who have already gone through a workflow to be enrolled again. That means unpredictable behavior for you, and a (potentially) poor experience for your customers.

With today's change, you have a new setting that ensures merged contacts are enrolled into the right workflows.

Here's how it works:

Within a workflow, navigate to "Settings" and find this one:

 "When two contacts are merged should the newly created contact enroll in this workflow if they meet the trigger criteria?"

Choose the best option:

  • No: means that no merged contacts will be enrolled if they meet the trigger criteria after they the merge
  • Yes (default): means all contacts and merges will be enrolled if they meet the criteria


Want to update your merged contact settings? Head to your workflows now.