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by: HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team

Ensure Proper Access with Field Level Edit Permissions

The key to an efficient sales team is a clean database.

To keep your database clean as your sales team scales, you need the right users to have access to the right data. If a sales rep has access to something she shouldn't, that distracts her from actually selling, and might put key team processes and reporting at risk.

With field level edit permissions, admins can lock down the values of specific properties to certain reps, so everyone on your team can edit exactly what they should.
Assigning permissions to properties is just like assigning permissions to any other asset in HubSpot.
Navigate to Settings > Properties. Click the checkbox next to one or more properties, then click "Assign Users and Teams." Select the users and teams who can edit values, and click save.
Screenshot 2020-04-30 at 11.16.08
Field level edit permissions are enforced in the following places:
  • Properties on contact, company, deal, ticket, and custom object records
  • Properties in the "preview" of all records
  • The "all properties" page of a record
  • Bulk editing properties from the table
  • HubSpot iOS app in version 3.228.0 and above
  • HubSpot Android app in version 2.47.0 and above
  • HubSpot email clients (Gmail and Outlook)
Field level edit permissions are not enforced when bulk editing records via import, workflows, and APIs.
Field level edit permissions are now available in Enterprise accounts, across all hubs.