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by: HubSpot Moderator
HubSpot Moderator

Easily Manage Your DNS With GoDaddy Connect

If you are starting a new domain, or connecting a new domain to HubSpot, you probably know that Domain Name Servers (DNS) can be a hassle to manage. Instead of focusing your time on generating leads -- you spend a lot of time on technical processes that can have a direct impact on your website loading.

The process of connecting, and managing, your domains within HubSpot should be easy. That's why we've integrated with GoDaddy Connect. If you manage your DNS through GoDaddy, it's as easy as signing-in, and clicking one-button to connect a domain. No manual work or steps required.

To get started, when you go to connect a new domain we will automatically detect if GoDaddy is the DNS provider. If so, you'll be asked to sign-in, similar to the screenshot below. Once successfully signed-in, we'll handle all the setup for you.


For more information on connecting a domain within HubSpot using GoDaddy Connect, see the full instructions here.