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by: HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team

Easily Import Blogs Into HubSpot From Any CMS

Smart Copy is a new tool that lets you import blog posts from any CMS into HubSpot. It relies on scraping the external blog and identifying the different elements that are necessary for import (title, author, publish date, etc.)

Smart Copy makes it easy to move an existing blog that's currently hosted elsewhere onto the HubSpot platform. The combination of Smart Copy and the other available blog import options (XML import, CSV import, and WordPress Connect) means it's now easier than ever for marketers to get started blogging on HubSpot.

How does it work?

To access Smart Copy:

  1. Navigate to Settings
  2. Select Website >> Blog
  3. Click the Import blog button
  4. Click the Import new blog button
  5. Select the Smart Copy option, and click Next

Learn more about Smart Copy in this KB article.

Note: Not every blog will be a good fit for this new tool. Because we rely on web scraping, if the blog HTML/CSS structure isn't set up in such a way that we can identify the distinct sections of the post (title, author, publish date, etc.), those sections will not be imported.

This is now available for all Marketing Hub & CMS Hub Professional or Enterprise customers.