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by: HubSpot Moderator
HubSpot Moderator

Drag and Drop Blog Listing Page Editing

A blog listing page can now be edited in the content editors. Previously, you could only edit a blog listing page as a coded file. This means content creators can drag and drop modules around, edit content, utilize smart content, and more in the familiar content editor.



Where now a customer selects a template in Settings > Website > Blog > Templates, a customer will have a blog listing page. Content creators can drag and drop new and existing modules, edit module fields, use smart content, see page analytics, and more - anything that is possible for pages in general, these new blog listing pages benefit from. Blog listing pages still have a template behind them, which can be swapped like any other page in the Settings tab of the content editor.


All of the default HubSpot themes have been updated to support this friendly blog listing page editing experience.


Note: This update does not turn what was once static HTML templates into highly editable ones. The editability of the page is dependent on how flexible the developer made that template. It will only support full drag and drop if the template for the page has dnd_areas, and the content will only be editable as the modules in the page allow (just how any other page is). You may need to have your blog listing templates re-built to be more flexible.


For a full rundown, check out this knowledge article.