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by: HubSpot Employee
HubSpot Employee

Documents Views Now Sync to Salesforce

document-views.pngWe are working hard to improve many of the finer points around how Sidekick for Business works with Salesforce. One recent improvement you'll notice - when your propsects interact with documents you've shared with them, those interactions are now logged right to the prospects' activity history in Salesforce, along with how long they viewed that piece of content for.

Clicking on any one of these activities takes you to a full rundown of the interaction, including detailed metrics on how long it was viewed for, along with a link to the document in Sidekick for Business.


This update gives Salesforce users even more rich context about the history of interactions between a prospect and their company. Whether it's a contract you've sent and are eagerly waiting to hear back about, or a product presentation you've passed along after a demo, these valuable nuggets of information can tell a sales rep how engaged a given prospect is, and useful hints about how to structure that next interaction.