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by: HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team

Deals ROI - HubSpot Ads + CRM Data

What is it?
A much more accurate ROI calculation in HubSpot Ads, through an association with CRM deal data.

Currently, Ads ROI is estimated through a series of questions asked of the user. When Deals ROI is activated, a CRM connection is made and ROI is automatically calculated, with much more accurate data. This means no more assumptions have to be made.


If you're a HubSpot CRM users with deal data, nothing is required for this feature to work, outside of indicating that's how you want to calculate ROI in the settings (see screenshot above). Customers who use Salesforce or a different CRM will need to turn on deal sync, and then sync their opportunities. If a customer isn’t using a CRM with deal sync turned on they won’t see the option to use Deal ROI.

Who gets it: 
All HubSpot who also have the Ads Add-On

Why it matters:
Ads ROI is a big deal. Most marketers and advertisers really struggle to understand the real ROI of their individual ads and campaigns. However knowing your ads ROI unlocks a massive opportunity to optimize your ads for more revenue. With the data we have access to in the deals of CRMs connected to HubSpot we are one of the few if not only software provided who can surface this information.

Click here to view the settings or HubSpot Ads and activate Deals ROI