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by: HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team

Create Multiple Deal Pipelines in HubSpot CRM

Not all of your company’s customers and prospects fit the same mold. They might vary in size, industry, or geography --- or, if your company is like ours, various segments of your audience might be looking to buy entirely different products from you. With such varied customer profiles and needs, not all Sales cycles within an organization can be created equal.

In companies that offer multiple products, operate internationally or across verticals, or simply have distinct funnels (e.g. new customer vs. Upsell), sales teams need the flexibility to implement and track distinct sales processes. With today’s update, HubSpot CRM now empowers your sales team with the ability to create multiple deal pipelines. This update enables sales teams to work more efficiently, and to customize their processes around the unique needs of their buyers.

To implement a new deal pipeline within HubSpot CRM, navigate to Settings > Deals, and scroll down to the section for Editing Deal Stages. Click Manage Pipelines, and you’ll see a new link to Add Pipeline.


Once you’ve added your new pipeline, you can create and customize your deal stages to align with the unique features of the sales process.


When you head back to your Deal dashboard, the title of your pipeline will now be a dropdown, enabling you to scroll quickly between your newly-created pipelines.

Ready to get started? Create a new deal pipeline for your sales team now. Not yet using HubSpot’s free CRM? Learn more about it and sign up here.