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by: HubSpot Moderator
HubSpot Moderator

Create Membership-Content With Marketing Hub Enterprise

Have you ever wanted to create a membership website, or portion of your website, that required paying customers to log into?

Today, with HubSpot you can open up a new revenue opportunity from your content with the new CMS Memberships feature.

This new feature enables customers to specify a list of contacts who should have access to content. Once that list is created, every individual can create their own username and password to login to view that content.


Each user in the list can set their own unique username and password and will have to login when they encounter a page you have set as private. So, whether you're a manufacturing company that wants to put information like a price list behind a login, or a software company that wants to share roadmap information with customers -- it's all possible within Marketing Hub Enterprise.

For more details on setting up CMS Memberships, take a look at the knowledge base article here. CMS Memberships is now available to all Marketing Hub Enterprise customers.