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Create Dependent Form Fields in HubSpot Forms

The best time to qualify and get relevant information from a prospect is when they're filling out a form. Starting today with Dependent Form Fields you can ask further qualifying questions based on previous answers.

Dependent form fields are available within all HubSpot forms and allow you to gather more information based on the visitors previous answer. For example, if one question on your form is Country, and the visitor selects United States you could use dependent form fields to display a drop-down list of States.

Dependent Form Fields in HubSpot
With dependent form fields you can:

  • Add dependencies based on individual questions within a form. This means you could have multiple questions in your form display further qualifying questions based on the answer.
  • Multiple questions can be a part of one dependency. Using the previous Country and State example, if you have the Country question once a visitor answers you could display State, and Zip Code questions based on the answer to Country. 

How it Works:

  1. Go into Contacts > Forms
  2. Choose a form, and click the Dependent Icon: Dependent Form Fields in HubSpot - Icon
  3. Set the rules for your question, and the choices that will be available based on the answer

For more information, checkout How to use dependent form fields.