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Copy as HubL Functionality for Sections on Pages

CMS Developers can now scaffold out sections in the page editor, then copy the HubL that is generated from the section to use as a head start in building their own custom sections.


Since the release of custom sections for pages, developers have been excited about the potential to use sections as a powerful building block for websites hosted on CMS Hub. However, building custom sections can be time consuming because drag and drop HubL syntax requires a lot of code. Now that developers can quickly build the general layout of the section they want to create, then copy that HubL, they have a time-saving head start on their section. That way, they can focus their time on more important section customizations.


How does it work?

Navigate to the Landing Page or Website Page editors, then add `?developerMode=true` to the end of the editor’s URL. Scaffold out your section, then click on the dropdown of the section toolbar and select “Copy as HubL”. The HubL for that section will be added to your clipboard and ready to paste, including module and layout data.

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For more information on using the Copy as HubL feature, check out this developer documentation.


See this in action


This is now live to CMS Hub Starter, Professional, and Enterprise customers, as well as Marketing Hub Professional and Enterprise customers.