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by: HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team

Control your organization's cookies and online tracking in a single system with Cookiebot

Keeping up with the ever changing rules and regulations surrounding user privacy and tracking consent is a nightmare for most businesses. Not only are rules and regulations always changing, but these regulations can often vary across countries that you might do business in.

To make it easy for you to control your organization's cookies and online tracking in a single system, we’ve added a new integration with Cookiebot. Cookiebot will help you manage all first and third party cookies within one easy-to-use tool, ensuring that you’re abiding by various regulations, like GDPR. You can use Cookiebot to ensure compliant use of cookies and online tracking across all your domains, and it also let’s your website visitors accept all your cookies, or specify which purposes of data collection they’re willing to accept. 

Note: Cookiebot automatically blocks all non-essential cookies until consent has been given by the visitor.

To get started, head over to the Cookiebot listing within the app marketplace. You can access this within your own HubSpot account by navigating to Settings > Integrations > Connected apps, and searching for Cookiebot within the app marketplace. 

Once you’ve installed the integration, you’ll be asked to enter your HubSpot hosted subdomains, and your Domain Group ID provided by Cookiebot.


Not sure if Cookiebot is needed for your website? Run your site through Cookiebot’s free compliance scanner to better understand how Cookiebot can help you manage your company’s cookies and online tracking so you can remain compliant, and respect the privacy choices of your site visitors.

This integration is now available for all mutual customers of Cookiebot and HubSpot’s Marketing Hub or CMS Hub.