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by: HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team

Control File Visibility in the Files Tool

Assets play a key role in how users attract, engage, and delight their prospects and customers. HubSpot’s platform allows users to store assets of all types in their portal. Managing assets can get complicated depending on the purpose and intended audience of that asset. While a video on a page or blog post is meant for public consumption, and should be indexed by search engines, other files, like a PDF attached to an email or a contact record, might contain sensitive or personal information that needs to be secured.

Knowing how important file visibility is, we made it so you can now easily control the public visibility of files uploaded to HubSpot. This update makes it easier to secure files in HubSpot’s platform for a variety of use cases.

To get started, open your files tool. Click on a file to open the file details side panel. Find the File Visibility section and use the toggles to designate whether the file should be publicly accessible and whether search engines should be able to crawl and index it. If a file is ‘publicly inaccessible’, users can share an internal link to the file or file preview with users within their portal, as well as a temporary link that they can share with people outside the portal that will expire in 24 hours.

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This update is now live to all Marketing Hub users, as well as users of HubSpot CMS.