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by: HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team

Content Strategy is now called SEO

Marketers know that SEO is the core of a good Inbound marketing strategy. As it stands today, we understand that it’s not easy to find where to “do SEO” in HubSpot.
For this reason, we've renamed content strategy to SEO. No functionality is changing, just the name and the navigation. This change will help bring simplicity and clarity to the tool that helps you get more traffic from organic search.

Since December 5, we've had messaging in the navigation that explained this name change. You will continue to see the following banner explaining the change for another two weeks.


When navigating to SEO, you'll still find all the tools that you are familiar with, including our new integration with Google Search Console.

This name change will go into effect on Jan 3 for all Professional and Enterprise Marketing portals, as well as users of HubSpot CMS.