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by: HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team

Connect Multiple Shopify Stores to HubSpot

Having multiple Shopify stores is the norm for growing businesses. You might start out with one store, but as you grow and start selling into different countries, develop new lines of business, or manage multiple brands, you'll likely start managing multiple stores in Shopify.

But while segmenting out your different lines of business in Shopify is an added benefit, seeing the full picture of your business within HubSpot, and continuing to nurture your clients from one central location, is critical to your success and longterm growth. For these reasons, customers who are integrated with Shopify can now connect multiple stores to one HubSpot account.

After a store has been connected, you will now see an option to connect additional stores.

Each store will have its own ecommerce settings page, with its own set of ecommerce embedded workflows. Contacts, deals, and products will have a new property called 'source store.' This will allow you to report, filter, and view data from one individual store or all your connected stores at once.

This is now available to all users who have integrated HubSpot with Shopify.