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by: HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team

[Coming 1/4] An Updated Design for All Contacts screen and Lists

All Contacts and Lists are your home base for understanding the people in your database. With the goal of making these tools easier to use and more consistent with the rest of your HubSpot platform, we've been working for the last few months on fresh new designs for these two screens.

We're excited to announce that, on January 3rd, all HubSpot customers will move over to the new designs. Rest assured --- the major functionality you're used to won't be altered. The updates will focus solely on the look and feel of the two apps. 

Note: Some HubSpot customers have been using versions of the updated All Contacts and Lists designs for the last few months. If you’re one of those customers, the changes you see to All Contacts and Lists on 1/4 will be more minor — you’re already used to most of the new design. 

All Contacts

Starting on January 4th, your All Contacts screen will look like this:

SS All Contacts.png

A few highlights to bring to your attention:

  • A fresh new look: The new design is more spacious and more modern. It's easier to look at and more joyful to use.
  • More consistent with the rest of your HubSpot portal. If you've been watching closely, you'll notice a trend: your entire HubSpot portal is getting a fresh new look, from your Marketing Dashboard to your CRM. This update to All Contacts (and the corresponding refresh of the contact record) bring the same consistent style to your contacts database.
  • Unified with CRM. If you use HubSpot for both marketing and CRM, your All Contacts screens will now match, across both tools. 
  • Drag & drop columns: Add the columns to your All Contacts page that are most important to your business and prioritize them in the way you see fit.



As of January 4th, your Lists screen will look like this:

New All Lists-1.png

Two notable improvements to your Lists interface:

  • Split-screen list editor with real-time preview. See how the contacts in your list change as you add filters. This makes your list-building process a whole lot quicker.

    New List Creation-1.png

    If you're working on a more complex list, you can expand the criteria editor to full-screen.

    list creation.gif

  • Easier organization. Select lists in bulk, in order to delete them or move them to folders. 


The visually refreshed All Contacts and Lists screens, in addition to the updated look for the contact record, will become standard in all HubSpot Marketing portals starting on January 4th.