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by: HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team

Clean up your Database with AI-Powered Duplicate Management

tl;dr (too long, didn't read) - Duplicate data stinks. Finding dupes manually is hard. So we built a tool that uses AI to find duplicate contacts and companies for you; this tool makes merging them easy, too. Read on for the full details.


Duplicate data leads to bad experiences, both for your teams and for your customers.

For your team, duplicate data leads to inefficiency. Your marketers pull lists that include the same contact twice. Then they have to manually remove one from their next send. Your sales reps have to search through six copies of the same company, all with incomplete data, to find their most recent call. Three members of your service team are in touch with the same customer, but none of them are aware, because they’re all communicating from a different place.

If duplicate data is bad for your team, it’s even worse for your customers. They might get the same marketing email multiple times, have three different sales reps reach out, or have two onboarding consultants assigned to their company. With customer expectations higher than ever, poor experiences caused by bad data will lose you business.

Oh, and keep in mind: Duplicates cost your company real money. According to Harvard Business Review, bad data costs companies around the world $3 trillion per year. Some studies have shown that bad data could potentially cost companies as much as 10–25% of their revenue.

Before today, your options for cleaning up duplicate data in HubSpot were painful. Do it manually, sifting through spreadsheets for hours every week. Hire an extra set of hands to do it for you. Buy an expensive third-party tool whose price explodes as your database grows. Or do nothing at all, and let the dupes pile up. You haven’t been shy about this pain — finding and merging duplicates is the second highest vote-getter on our ideas forum.

Today, all that changes: You’ve got a brand new tool that finds duplicate contact and company data in HubSpot. No extra spreadsheets, tools, or costs. Plus, because it uses machine learning, it’ll get smarter as you grow. So you’ll be more efficient, and your customers will have more frictionless experiences with your brand. 

How does it work?

Navigate to your contacts or companies home screens, then click Actions > Manage Duplicates.



You’ll be taken to a screen that lists pairs of records that are likely to be duplicates. If it looks like the two are, in fact, duplicates, you can review and merge them. If not, you can dismiss them.



How does HubSpot identify duplicates?

The model considers name, email(s), IP-derived country, phone number, zip code, and company name when comparing two objects. When you accept (merge) or reject (dismiss) a pair as duplicates, you’re providing feedback to the machine learning model to help it improve over time. 


The new duplicate management tool is now available to all Professional and Enterprise HubSpot accounts, across hubs.

Want to take the new AI-powered duplication management tool for a spin?