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by: HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team

Changes Coming to Content Partitioning

On February 19, there will be four key changes coming to better support your desire to partition content and domains in HubSpot, using team assignments.The goal of these updates is to make our partitioning features easier to adopt and understand by aligning the tool with how our customers expect to use it.

What is changing?

EDIT (2/26/19): Additionally changing is that if a user is assigned to a team, content they create will not longer be automatically assigned to this team. All new content is unassigned and visible to all users by default. Only Admins can assign content to teams in their account. After content has been assigned to a team, all members of that team can assign content access for that asset to child teams of their own team.

  1. Content and Domain partitioning rules will no longer need to be enabled via the “Manage tools using partitioning” setting. The setting pictured below will no longer be available. Instead, the permissions will be enforced as soon as they are set in the Content tools or the Domain Manager.
  2. By default, all content and domains in a portal will be visible to everyone in the portal until partitioned. Previously, unassigned content and domains were only visible to admins.
  3. To encourage the use of teams, an individual user can only be given access to a specific piece of content if it is already shared with at least one team.
  4. Members of parent teams can now assign content and domains to any of their child teams. Previously, this functionality was only available to admins.


Changes 3 and 4 will simply show up February 19th as new functionality. Changes 1 and 2 will change the existing behavior of content and domain partitioning. The changed behaviors will be:

  • As partitioning rules will no longer need to be enabled via the “Manage tools using partitioning” setting, on February 19th, all pre-existing content and domain partitioning rules will be enabled.
  • On February 19th, un-assigned content and domains which were previously only visible to admins, will be visible to all users with proper app permissions


What do I need to do?

Depending on how you have used, and desire to use content and domain partitioning rules, here are a few options for how you can respond to these changes.

Do nothing - If you have not used content or domain partitioning yet, or if the changes will work with your currently set rules, you can simply let the change occur with no action.

Update your partitioning rules - If your currently set rules and partitioning strategy do not work the same way with the changes, you can update your existing rules to better align with the new behaviors. If you wish to have an export created of all your existing partitioning rules to help in this effort, please feel free to reach out to your HubSpot point of contact.

Have all of your existing rules cleared - If you wish to start fresh based on these changes, please feel free to reach out to your HubSpot point of contact to have all of your existing partitioning rules cleared.