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by: HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team

Call Queue to be removed from HubSpot CRM on July 10th

When we first built the call queue in HubSpot CRM, the goal was simple: create a tool that helped sales reps work more efficiently and in a more focused way. Over time, you've given us great feedback on the tool, and reviews have been mixed on how well it lives up to that goal.

It helps a sales team call leads faster, sure. But it lacks the flexibility to truly make a sales team more productive. Calling quicker is great, but what about emails and other to-dos? What if you want to set up multiple queues for different types of follow-up? What if you’re following up on a specific deal --- how does the call queue help you to track that down?

With that feedback as our north star, we launched a brand new productivity tool in HubSpot CRM called task queues. If you haven’t checked out task queues, here’s the gist: think of a task queue like a playlist for your tasks. Simply create a task queue for a certain category of to-dos - it could be based on time zone, territory, priority, or anything else you choose. Add tasks to the queue. Press play. Run through your tasks. That’s it.

In short, task queues is the future of getting things done in HubSpot CRM.

With that in mind, on July 10th, the call queue feature will be removed from the CRM.

Task queues carries over all the most important functionality from call queues, and adds a slew of new features to boot. Here’s a taste of what you can look forward to:

  • Add any type of to-do to a task queue. Sales is about more than just making calls. Run through your emails and other to-dos in a task queue --- in addition to your calls.
  • Create multiple task queues. Have a set of leads you follow up with in a different way? Create up to ten task queues, to stay organized with your next steps on every front.
  • Link your tasks to contacts, companies, or deals. A task could take the form of "Call Andy," "Email HubSpot," or "Follow up with Deal X." When you’re running through a task queue, you’ll be taken to just the right place to reach out (e.g. the email pane of the associated deal record).

Not yet familiar with task queues? Here’s a quick blog post with the basics, or a two-minute video if you’d prefer (included below too, for your convenience). 


Making the switch from call queues to task queues is easy. When you log into your call queue in the next few weeks, you’ll see a short message at the top, with a link to transfer your call queue over to task queues. When you click that link, you’ll be taken into the task queues interface, with all your calls lined up right where you left them. Simply click “Start queue” to run through your to-do’s.

To reiterate, this change will go into effect on July 10th, 2017.