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by: HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team

Bringing Admins Peace of Mind with Approvals

Hi all, 


We’re very excited to announce that the Marketing Email Approval feature is currently in Public Beta for Marketing Hub Enterprise customers. Here’s how you can access the Beta.


Learn more about how the feature works here.


We also wanted to share some tips for making sure you’re set-up for success when enabling this new feature in your portal:


  • Before enabling this feature, communicate with your team to let them know about the changes and how to use the feature. 
  • Align internally on how this will change your existing processes for sending emails:
    • Should there be specific team members allowed to approve emails? If yes, who are they? Let the team know who they should select as approvers. 
    • When is an email ready to be sent for approval? (Do requesters need to set-up a subscription type/recipient list before requesting approval or that’s something an approver or a manager will do after approval?)
    • Who is allowed to edit the email? And when? (Can they edit it after is has been approved?)
    • Who should publish? The email creator (requester), the approver, someone else?
    • Define rules around when requesters should recall approval:
      • There is a major change required,which needs a new approval from scratch?
      • Need to change the approver(s) that was/were selected?
      • Something else?
  • If you want to test out the email approval process without interrupting other users in your account from publishing emails normally, you can turn on email approvals in a standard sandbox account.
  • After that, enable the Approvals feature in your company’s portal, from the settings (only SuperAdmins can do that) and set-up permissions for who can approve content. 
  • Now you’re all set-up to start using the Approval feature with your team and optimize your marketing email process. 


For any questions or feedback related to this feature, feel free to contact me at