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by: HubSpot Moderator
HubSpot Moderator

Blog Post Topics Changed To Tags

Most Content Management Systems (CMS) you use today have a way of organizing content under a hierarchy. With HubSpot CMS, when you create blog content we've always called these "topics" but in light of the recent Content Strategy release we are changing this terminology to "tag" instead.

The new term -- tag -- also aligns with what many people already used, and an industry term across CMSes.

If you utilize tags in-app, all of your content will automatically redirect to the new structure without any changes necessary. You can add new tags, or modify existing ones directly within the Blog tool in the Marketing Hub.

Blog Tags

If you are a developer then we recommend ensuring you are using the HubL tag found here. If you have manually coded in the old topic URLs and are not using HubL the automatic redirect put in place will not apply and may impact visitors who want to view content on your site within a tag.