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by: HubSpot Employee
HubSpot Employee

Big Improvements to Sidekick for Business for Salesforce Users [INBOUND Announcement]

Back in May, we announced Sidekick for Business, a premium set of tools for professional sales teams looking to sell better and faster with features like Calling, Templates, Documents, and a layer of analytics to help you figure out what actually works. And now, we’ve made huge strides toward making Sidekick for Business better than ever for Salesforce users.

The Sidekick Sidebar, Right Inside Salesforce

Our goal has always been to bring useful information and tools to the place your sales team is already working. We've taken a big step in that direction by placing the Sidekick Sidebar rigth inside Salesforce. Place calls, get useful context around your sales process, and see the full Sidekick information sidebar right on any lead or contact record in Salesforce.

Full Activity Syncing With Salesforce

Full activity syncing means that every engagement tracked through Sidekick for Business is seamlessly logged to Salesforce. You'll see email opens and clicks, document views, phone calls, and other types of activities populating as you go through your day to day using Sidekick for Business.