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by: HubSpot Employee
HubSpot Employee

Better Together - Sequences & Meetings

Throughout your sales process, it's important for every message you send to your prospect to be in context. For example, if you have a prospect enrolled in a sequence and then book a meeting with them, chances are you may want to adjust the message in any further emails you send to them.

For this reason, we've made a simple but important change - if you book a meeting with a prospect who you enrolled in a sequence, the sequence will now stop (similar to the way sequences stop after a reply has been received. This change ensures that a prospect won't continue to receive messages that are no longer relevant from Sequences after a meeting has been booked.

When a sequence stops because of a booked meeting, you'll now see this reflected on the Sequences status screen -


...and on the prospects' timeline -


To take advantage of this change, you'll need to have Google Calendar connected to HubSpot CRM - more details on that here. You can also learn more about Sequences or Meetings.