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by: HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team

Better Automate Deal, Company, and Ticket Processes with Workflow Re-Enrollment

Workflows are intended to help you automate processes.

Oftentimes, records need to go through a workflow only once. For example, If you're using a contact-based workflow to send lead nurturing emails, you wouldn't want a contact to get the same email twice. That's why re-enrollment criteria exist: you can decide when and how a record should be added to the workflow a second (or third) time.

Until today, re-enrollment criteria only existed for contact-based workflows. If you were automating a process around deals, companies, or tickets, the workflow could only trigger once. That created manual work for your team, for each subsequent trigger. 

With today's change, you can now create re-enrollment criteria for all workflow types. That means less manual work and time back in your team's day.


Ready to set up your re-enrollment criteria?

In any new or existing deal, ticket, or company-based workflow, expand the enrollment criteria, and you’ll see the “re-enrollment” tab. You can switch it on, which by default will allow manual re-enrollment. If you'd like to create custom re-enrollment criteria, do so using the checkboxes below.