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by: HubSpot Moderator
HubSpot Moderator

Avoid Over-Emailing Contacts with Email Send Frequency Cap

Your relationship with prospects and customers is too important to be tarnished by sending them too many emails. Yet, tracking the number of emails you sent to every individual contact has been difficult - until now.

Today we're happy to introduce a new Email Send Frequency Cap which allows you to set the maximum number of emails every contact should receive in a specific timeframe. 


Once you've set the maximum number of emails per recipient, any that cross the threshold will automatically not be sent to contacts who have reached or exceeded the limit. 

If you have an important email send that has to get to all users, you can override this setting within the Recipients tab of any email. This setting applies to all email sent from the Marketing Hub, including any email sent from Workflows. 

Email Send Frequency Cap is now available to Marketing Hub Enterprise users, and for more information see the knowledge base article here.