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by: HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team

Assign Objects to Multiple Owners using Custom Owner Properties

As your organization scales, your customers will interact with different members of your team throughout their lifecycle. A BDR and a sales rep pre-sale, an onboarding specialist and a customer success manager post-sale, and more.

Previously, you had a single owner property in HubSpot (called, appropriately, "HubSpot Owner"). In order to align your process with your customers’ various touchpoints within your organization, you needed to create a custom picklist property, and update it manually each and every time there was a transition on your team. That added time, effort, and energy that you should’ve been able to spend with your customers.

As an added pitfall, your user permissions wouldn't respect those properties. Let's say you had a "BDR owner property" and gave it a value of "Jen Smith" for a certain deal, while maintaining Jen's teammate Joe as the official "HubSpot Owner." If Jen had permission to view and edit deals she owned, she wouldn't be able to access that deal.

With a recent update, you can now create custom owner properties that pull directly from your user list in settings. That way, the picklist options are dynamically updated. As an added bonus, permissions respect custom owner properties. So, in the above case, as the BDR owner of a deal, Jen Smith would get access to that record.

Here's how it works:

When you create a contact, company, deal, or ticket property, there’s now a property type called "HubSpot User" that pulls dynamically from the user list in your account:

Create owner properties to align with your team's touchpoints, and assign owners manually or using Workflows.

Custom owner properties are now live to all HubSpot accounts.