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by: HubSpot Employee
HubSpot Employee

Add Contacts to a GoToWebinar with HubSpot Workflows

Now live is the ability for you to add contacts to a GoToWebinar meeting using a new workflow extension.
You can manage enrollment and registration of contact to upcoming webinars automatically from HubSpot workflows -- you will not longer have to spend time manually managing enrollment and registration for webinars.
Once you create a GoToWebinar event, it will appear in the 'upcoming webinars' tab on your HubSpot settings page. Any webinars with 'sync' checked box will be able to use HubSpot workflows for enrollment and registration of webinar participants.
In HubSpot contact-based workflows, you can then select the contact properties to trigger enrollment in the workflow, select the GoToWebinar action to "Add Contact to Webinar", and choose the synced webinar to create this workflow. And thats it, your workflow set-up is complete.
You can see the enrolled list of contacts for this webinar in HubSpot, and see the number of contacts who have registered via the workflow in GoToWebinar.
You can also see any issues or errors flagged on the workflow actions log in HubSpot.
This update is available for Professional and Enterprise HubSpot customers.
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