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by: HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team

A fresh new look for the HubSpot Mobile App

With the HubSpot mobile app, you can do HubSpot work from anywhere: manage deals and contacts, send emails, track tasks, and more. To be effective on the go, the mobile app’s features need to be quick and easy to find, and functional no matter the situation.

Today, you'll see two improvements to your app that check both these boxes:

  • With a new navigation architecture, it’s easier to discover all the app’s awesome features.
  • With a fresh new color scheme that’s more highly contrasted, the app looks sharper when used outdoors and in poor visibility. As an added bonus, it’s more consistent with the desktop design.

Navigation and new Colours


Here's the full scoop:

First, update your mobile app (or download it on iOS or Android, if you're trying it for the first time.

You'll notice two updates. First, the colors are sharper and more contrasted. Second, the navigation has a new design.  If you have more than five items in your navigation bar, you'll see a ‘More’ button that would serve as an overflow. Other specific changes in each platform:


  • Activity Feed and Tasks now have their own tab items and don’t live in the digest.
  • Conversations is now a tab item.
  • Marketing Email now lives under the “More” button, for those who have access.
  • The Digest now lives under the “More” button and consists of Deal Updates and Marketing reporting widgets.
  • Settings now lives under the “More” button.



  • Conversations is now a tab item.
  • Settings now lives under the “More” button.


The freshly redesigned HubSpot mobile app is now available to all HubSpot accounts. Download it on iOS or Android now.