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by: HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team

A Small Upcoming Change to Dashboard Emails

One of the best ways to keep your team up to speed on the progress of your inbound  performance is by setting up recurring emails of your HubSpot dashboards to all the key stakeholders in your company. In the last few weeks, the process for setting up and sending those emails in HubSpot has gotten more secure and streamlined. 

What's the change?

Recently, the Schedule a recurring email” feature was updated to allow dashboards to be sent only to users of your HubSpot portal. Starting on September 20, 2017, any previously configured recurring dashboard emails scheduled to be sent to non-users of your portal will no longer be sent. 

Why the change?

We’re making this change to create a more secure experience for all our users, and to ensure that only the right recipients receive your data. This will prevent dashboards from either accidentally or maliciously being sent to the wrong people.

How to add recipients as portal users

For any recurring emails currently being sent to non-users (that you wish to continue sending), navigate to the associated dashboard and click Share > Manage recurring emails. Click the name of the email. Add anyone who's currently not a user into the Email Address field, and you'll be prompted with a quick and easy option to invite them to be one.
Once you've added them as a user, they're all set to receive any dashboard emails you configure moving forward.
For any new recurring emails you wish to schedule, here's a quick guide.