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by: HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team

A Refreshed Look for Page Performance

When you log into HubSpot today, you'll find a cleaner full-screen interface for the Page Performance report. Chances are good you won't notice much of a change --- you've had the ability to opt into the new design for a few months. Today, we're excited to officially launch the refreshed look.






The new design provides:

  • All the functionality you're accustomed to, with one noticeable exception --- the left-hand sidebar, with a sub-navigation and a small page preview, has been removed. With the full-screen display, it's now easier than ever to peruse the performance of your pages in the tool.

  • A better way to differentiate HubSpot-hosted vs. external pages. In the new design, HubSpot-hosted pages will be labeled with a “COS” tag.

  • Quicker access to your most important page-level data. With a single click, track down SEO optimization, A/B variations, Sources data, form submissions and more, from within the Page Detail (HubSpot-hosted pages only). 

How it works

Navigate to Reports > Page Performance, and you’ll be brought to the new interface. The columns will match what you’re used to --- Views, CTA%, Keywords, and Links.

Clicking into a specific page will bring you to the Page Detail. To get to the SEO report card that you’re used to, click “Optimization.” Within the Page Detail, you can also explore Sources, A/B variations, and other metrics for COS-hosted pages.



The refreshed Page Performance design is now live in all HubSpot Marketing portals. Take a look!