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by: HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team

A Brand New SEO Recommendations Home

SEO is a complex and ever-changing discipline. By some estimates, Google updates its search algorithm more than 500 times per year. Because of this, it’s difficult for marketers to know how to get started, and where to focus their efforts for maximum impact. HubSpot’s existing toolkit enables website owners to apply SEO best practices for individual pages and blog posts within the optimization sidebar, but there hasn't been one consolidated view to see which pages could benefit from additional optimizations.

That's where SEO recommendations home comes in. SEO recommendations home allows marketers to optimize their entire website for SEO from one location. There are also low, medium, and high priority indicators so you get actionable guidance on which changes will have the most impact on your sites performance in search.

To get started head over to the recommendations tab within the SEO tool. Choose which hostname you’d like to see SEO recommendations for. Hostnames with content hosted on HubSpot will automatically display. To add a new hostname with content hosted outside of HubSpot, click the Add new URL button.

Clicking the View recommendations button will display a breakdown of the optimizations you could implement, how many pages each optimization applies to, the impact of implementing the optimization (categorized as low, medium, or high), and a brief explanation of why implementing the optimization is important for SEO success.

Recommendations Home - Overview


Clicking the “View pages” button next to an optimization displays the list of pages associated with the selected optimization. Other details and controls may appear, depending on the optimization the user selected.

Recommendations Home - Details


NOTE: Content hosted on HubSpot is automatically re-scanned for SEO issues whenever it's published or edited. To re-scan content hosted outside of HubSpot, click the 'scan for recommendations' button.

SEO Recommendations Home is now available for all Marketing Hub Professional & Enterprise customers, as well as users of HubSpot CMS.