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by: HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team

A Better Way to Track Your Social Ads

Online ads can play a key role in amplifying Inbound, empowering you to drive increased traffic to landing pages and to get more "bang for their buck" from content campaigns. That said, not all ads are created equal. When it comes to reporting, it's pivotal to be able to slice and dice Search and Social ad campaigns separately, to make the right optimizations for each channel.

With today's update, Paid Social has its own home in Sources, making it easier than ever to get granular data on Social ads.

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How it Works
Navigate into Reports > Sources. If you execute social ad campaigns moving forward, data will be categorized in "Paid Social," a brand new category in the left-hand column.
Common Questions
How does a visit actually get bucketed into "Paid Social?"
If the referring URL's parameters meet the criteria, a visit will be categorized under "Paid Social."
If utm_medium="paid" and utm_source = the name of a social network OR
utm_medium="paid" and referring domain is a social media site OR
utm_source OR utm_medium ="paidsocial"
Will traffic from LinkedIn ads created via HubSpot's Ads Add-on be automatically bucketed in "Paid Social?"
Will the change backfill data?
No. Any visits, contacts, or customers meeting the above criteria will be bucketed into "Paid Social" moving forward, but past data (prior to the beginning of May) will stay where it is.
The new "Paid Social" category is live to all HubSpot portals. Head over to your Sources Report to check it out now.