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by: HubSpot Employee
HubSpot Employee

2 Campaigns Improvements: "Create asset" link & Auto-select Campaign

What is it?

We are constantly improving the asset management capabilities within our Campaigns app to enable our customers to increase productivity when creating successful campaigns.


We have worked on two features that enable our customers to not only create assets from the campaigns details page, but also to easily associate these newly created assets to the respective campaign, and these features are now live!


Why does it matter?

Increasing the flexibility of our campaigns feature enabling customers to work more productively is one of our biggest focuses within the Campaigns tool.


This will allow our customers to save time by reducing the amount of clicks between different applications within HubSpot, which in turn increases their efficiency.


How does it work?

Feature 1: Create a new asset from the campaign details page
Till now, customers could only select existing assets that have already been created. If they wanted to associate new assets to a campaign that had yet to be created, they would have to navigate to the respective asset section first to create it.

We have simplified that complexity by adding a ‘create [asset]’ link/ CTA to each of the different assets.

Customers can find the new feature by navigating to their campaigns details page > selecting ‘add assets’ > choosing a respective asset.

Please find two examples below:


Example 1: The customer has no assets to choose from




Example 2: The customer has existing assets to choose from




Feature 2: Auto-selecting the campaign
As customers complete the creation of the asset via the new feature, they can now easily associate the asset with the campaign they are working on.

We are making it even easier to add the asset to the respective campaign by providing a handy reminder to customers. See example below:





They can then go back to the browser tab of the campaigns details page and find/select the newly created asset in the modal’s asset list (including the option to refresh the page):





Who gets it?

The features are available for Marketing Hub Professional & Enterprise customers.