Tasks created in Contacts are not showing up in Calendar.

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Hey, I'm pretty new to HubSpot and my team are encountering a bit of an issue when trying to create tasks for our Contacts.


If the task is created in Calendar, it shows up and works perfectly fine.


However we would like to be able to create tasks around the specific clients that we have, and for these tasks to show up in the owners Calendar.


If the task is created in the client's contact page, it shows up in that client's calendar -but not in the calendar of the person who has been assigned the task.


It seems this way that the assignee will not know what tasks are upcoming, and will not be alerted when the task is due.


Any input is appreciated!



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Hi @Kberlyc


Do you mind giving a bit more context around how you are creating tasks? When you create tasks within HubSpot they will not sync to an external calendar. 


What you can do, in order to ensure that the person assigned the task is aware of the task, is have an email reminder sent out close to the task's due date. This option will populate when you are creating the task within HubSpot. For more information on how to use tasks, I wanted to share our tasks user guide for your reference.


Thank you,


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