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HubSpot Product Team

Preview of new Marketing Tool

My name is Shay, I'm a Product Manager here at HubSpot working on our marketing tools. I'm trying something a little new here, hoping you'll indulge me and see how we get on! I wanted to proactively open up an invite to try out a new marketing tool we've been working on based on feedback and research we've done recently.


A year ago we started on a journey to level up our tools to help marketers work better together, and to that end we've been working on a complete overhaul of our Campaigns tool, introducing some new features like commenting, marketing calendar, and marketing tasks. Along with this we've learned that it can be really difficult to stay on top of everything going on in your marketing machine. 


We've got an early version of a tool we're calling "Marketing Home" to share and we’d love to get your feedback.


Marketing Home aims to create a space where all your important signals come together on one screen, giving you a 30,000 ft view of what’s happening across your campaigns. From here you can dive straight into what work needs the most attention.


For this first version of Marketing Home,  we started by including some of the aforementioned new tools such as marketing calendar, marketing tasks, etc, and we're looking for your feedback on where to take it next.


This is an example of the features available today: 

  • Recent campaigns
    • This shows you the most recently worked on campaigns, along with some quick-info on what assets are included in them
  • Calendar
    • An embedded view of the marketing calendar
  • Tasks assigned to you
    • Quick-view of the pending marketing tasks that are assigned to you
  • From the marketing community
    • Rotating resources from the HubSpot Academy, Blog and Community
  • Feedback
    • An embedded feedback form where we hope you'll share ideas for additional cards we can show on this page.

marketing home.png


We've already gotten a tonne of great ideas for new features to include, ranging from:

  • Recent social mentions, to stay on top of light weight feed of social activity
  • High-level performance metrics showing a per-channel breakdown of email, ads, lead gen, etc
  • Recent recommendations coming from Email Health or Ads
  • Many more...


We’d love to hear your thoughts on what would make this the most valuable homepage for you and your team.


Click here: to explore "Marketing Home" in your account (right now available specifically to Marketing Hub Professional and Enterprise portals only).

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Preview of new Marketing Tool

hi, My name is Li, and I have known much more than before about the marketing tool bsaed on your expaination. 


Preview of new Marketing Tool

I'd love to have the function in Hubspot to plan content way ahead without actually scheduling the post. Our plans change so frequently - we use a Google Sheet to plan ahead and constantly move things around. Be great to have that function here so it's all in one place!


Preview of new Marketing Tool

I love this idea! I was thinking like something to put blog ideas or things of that nature and be able to drag them around as needed or even update the status instead of just "incomplete" and "completed" but having custom status options like in progress, needs review, approved, scheduled, etc.


HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team

Preview of new Marketing Tool

Totally agree, @ellismccusker. We've heard similar feedback in the past. A few follow up questions, when you're planning content ahead how far ahead are you usually planning for? A couple months, maybe a couple quarters? Also, to what granularity are you planning? What I mean by that is are you planning individual pages/emails that would need to be built or is it more at the campaign level? Thanks!


Preview of new Marketing Tool

Hiya, sorry for hijacking this question - but this is something my team and I totally agree with. For us, we plan in loose annual cycles (to a campaign, theme, channel volume and content idea level).


Then in quarterly cycles down to the granularity of exact blog posts, social posts, emails, ads etc. For us, we can generally manage the granularity within HubSpot pretty well - but it would be great to get some way of sharing an interactive 'annual plan' within the system. This is the one (currently gigantic) spreadsheet we haven't been able to move into an online/ easily accessible environment yet.