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Marketing Calendar Doesn't Sync-Automate-Add Projects, Tasks and Subtasks — It Used To

Marketing Calendar Doesn't Sync-Automate-Add Projects, Tasks and Subtasks Anymore, It Used To Before The Recent Hubspot Marketing update...

Makes no sense, it was working perfect before the recent Marketing Pro update.  All of the Projects/Tasks and Subtasks used to be automated to the Calendar. 

Now, the Calendar is associated with the Campaigns tool; and it stopped automating Projects, Tasks and Subtasks.  What's worse is that every Marketing Campaign is associated with a Project/Tasks etc., with deadline dates; and to add confusion to the oversight, there's no way to assign a Campaign to Projects.  

This is so important to have added back to the Marketing tools— as that's how it functioned before the recent Marketing Pro update.

I say this as being a one person marketing department handling far too much that needs to consistently show the Calendar to ownership and Sales Pro users to keep them in check with what they're dumping on me per Campaign that's associated with Projects/Tasks/Due Dates.  Accessing and reviewing the Calendar used to be an easy tool for them to keep their heads on straight without me needing to manually share my screen to show the Projects list.   

Now it's simply a counterproductive nightmare which forces Marketing Pro users to reenter the same Project Tasks and Subtasks to the Campaign Calendar and Tasks as if they're two seperate beasts.  Zero sense.  I can't do that without mashing my face into a potato.

Let your UX dev team know, that having an option to select which Campaign to tag within the Projects (Tasks and Subtasks) account tool would be an essential, URGENT upgrade to automate those Project Tasks and Due Dates per Campaign back onto to the Calendar.

Please fix, as I can't imagine I'm the only one mashing a potato on my face.

Thanks in advance,

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Community Manager
Community Manager

Marketing Calendar Doesn't Sync-Automate-Add Projects, Tasks and Subtasks — It Used To

Hi @dDabg 


Thank you for reaching out and for that detailed feedback. 


I'm sorry for the business impact this has caused and I have reached out to the product team regarding this to get more information and here is an update. 


The focus for the Marketing Calendar is to provide marketing teams with a full overview of their day-by-day schedule of launching marketing assets. Historically the Marketing Calendar has only been able to provide visibility over some of the oldest marketing tools, however we have been investing heavily in completely rebuilding Marketing Calendar from the ground up to support the more modern HubSpot infrastructure. This has allowed us, and will allow us to bring the full stack of marketing tools to Calendar, including recently Ads, and coming soon Marketing Events and Marketing Calendars. The consequence of this is that we cannot support some older tools on this new infrastructure, Projects being the only impacted data source for Marketing Calendar.


We also want to confirm that Projects itself isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. It's true that you don’t get a calendar overview of Project Tasks, but the tasks themselves still work. There’s also the All Tasks view in Projects that includes the ability to filter and manage tasks by date too. It should give you a similar level of overview of tasks, filtering down to a specific month/etc and all sorted by due date.


Lastly, we want you to know that we are investing heavily in improving the features included in Marketing Campaigns and Marketing Calendar through the new Marketing Tasks tool. This Tasks feature will continue to evolve measurably beyond where it is today and will be able to support significant features that Projects today cannot.


Thank you, 

Have a lovely day, 


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