HubSpot eBook Template won't completely work!

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I've been looking for a way to publish my first small biz eBook, based on my previousy hosted Podcast. I fell across a HubSpot template (in PowerPoint) that looked just what I was seeking...and started.


But there's one darn section that won't change...and it's critical! At the bottom of each inside page it says something like "EBook Title." Of course tt's supposed to allow you to change that generic name to your specific one, the one you gave the front cover. 


I can NOT figure out how to replace that darn thing. Everything else works: title page, references, inside content, putting in pics, tables, et al. 


Anyone used these new eBook templates? They were sent out about 2 weeks ago. If I can't change this critical info it ain't worth proceeding!

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Hi @Ghostwrite535


I've not seen the templates you refer to but have you checked the slide master and/or the footer for the copy that will not change?

Hope this helps.

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