Disassociating contacts from a HS campaign

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We are tracking the success of a marketing campaign through a hubspot campaign. Last week we created a workflow so contacts with certain criteria would be associated with the campaign and we could see the "new" and "influenced" contacts through there. 


Unfortunately, the workflow didn't work as planned and associated some contacts that aren't part of this marketing campaign. We corrected the issue and deleted the workflow but the contacts are still listed inside the campaign as "influenced."


Is there any way to clean out the list of contacts from this campaign that were incorrectly associated to it? or, is there a way to transfer the correct data collected from one campaign to another? We are collecting this data through UTM links created in hubspot. 




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Hi @vivkadbi,


The only way to disassociate the contacts from the campaign will be to disassociate the asset the contacts are associated with from the campaign.


Additionally, you can associate static lists with campaigns, which would enable you to either associate the contacts with a different campaign without the asset. For more information on this matter I wanted to share this resource.


Thank you,

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