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When you go to a contact sheet, in the central items, would it be possible to set as default  the "Activities" view instead of the "Overview" view ?


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Conseiller clé | Partenaire solutions Platinum

Contacts views

Hi @PDefrance,


I hope you are doing fine.

The solution to your query is, when you open a Contact it always opens the tab on which you visited last time, then whenever you will open the contact again then it will show you the last preference view that was opened.

For example:

When you view any contact, tab will open on (Activities Tab or Overview Tab)

Click on > Activities

Then, close the window

Again click > any contact

The window will open the same tab (Activities)


Hope this will helpful !

Thank you!

Gaurav Rajput




Gaurav Rajput
Director, MarTech( Growth Natives)

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