Common workarounds for tracking external pages with Hubspot Campaigns


I'm sure most people here are aware that you can't track external pages in a Hubspot Campaign. Apparently this is something they're working on, but does anyone have workarounds in the meantime? Even if it's something you do outside of Hubspot, I'd love to know how you track campaigns in a way that includes externally hosted blogs, landing pages, etc. I love Hubspot's way of defining marketing campaigns and want to make it something I actively use.

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If you want to track traffic from a specific page to a hubspot page you can create tracking URLs in the analytic tools area and conenct it to your campaign.

Then you will see this in the campaign overview.

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I'm having a similar issue. We are about to launch a survey via Survey Monkey, which integrates with Hubspot in some ways, but since it's an external link and we didn't embed it on our website, it's not letting me add it to the Campaign assets and whenI created tracking URLs, they are not counting clicks. 


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Hi @BKula. The best way is to create a tracking URL and associate that link with the campaign in HubSpot. You'll be able to see how that UTM link performs in your campaign analytics. You can add any external URLs to the tracking URL builder like I did to Google in the screenshot below. 





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